anna + josh :: wedding

i'm not sure how Anna found me, but all i know is that it was planned by the Father. we met for coffee for her bridal consult and spent the whole time talking about our hearts for missions & africa & jesus. i remember walking away knowing i had met someone that would be a dear friend to me and someone i admire and learn from to no end. since then, we've gone on a lot of walks, encouraged one another, shared struggles and joys and favorite podcasts and things that we're in the midst of learning. she is such a gift to my life 100%.

if you want to know people who demonstrate the kindness of Jesus, you need to meet these two. and when i say i've never seen such a worshipful, heavenly wedding, i mean it. they each served communion to every single one of their guests. they had a whole section of their ceremony dedicated to their favorite worship songs. their vows gave me straight chills. glory fell so hard this day & i pray these photographs can do this day justice.