anna + josh :: anniversary

I’ve been reflecting on this past year since we shot their wedding. I remember listening to their vows and watching them serve communion to every guest and interact with every friend and family member with such kindness and genuine love. I was in awe with them then as a stranger turned friend. But now after countless dinners, conversations about our gospel identity’s, camping and beach trips, amusement park dates, celebrating our joys to the highest and literally crying with us in our grief, they have become forever family. They have taught us about freedom, childlikeness, persevering prayer, servant hearts and selfless love. I can’t imagine a single day without them and to think one year ago all we were was the “hired help” (laugh out loud). The Father knew we would need each other to learn and show His heart in deeper ways. I’ll never thank Him enough for what He brought into our lives through camera’s in our hands.