ellen + bryan :: proposal

when your person,

the one you've shared 7+ years living under the same roof with, the one whose family, friends & dog have become your own, the one who knows every detail of your every day, the one who's stuck by you in all of life's highs & waves & droughts & peaks, 

gets proposed to & asked for forever together on a mountain top, it becomes one of your top ten moments in life too. 

witnessing & capturing this day is something i will never forget my whole life. hiding behind some bushes & rocks & feeling like my heart could come out of my chest, hearing my best friend in complete shock scream "stop, stop, stop, are you joking?!!!" as her man pulled out the most perfectly designed "ellen" ring & see the first hugs & laughs & tears & snapping every single second, is just too good for me to take it all in.