2016 :: from my heart

“Believe in myself and I sink into the waves of worry, procrastination, daily tasks, and diagnoses. There is no dry ground in sight. But sink hard into God and he will buoy the soul on top of the water. Stepping out of the boat and walking toward Jesus, I realized how looking deep into the eyes of God is art all by itself.”

- Emily Freeman

2016 has been the year of “art” for me, but when I say “art” I really don’t mean the photos that were created. This “art” was walking literally every single day in new territory & trusting God to carry me to the next. This year I walked away from my full-time career to pursue a passion & lifestyle that fuels my heart and soul. I had to figure out what “normal” was going to look like for me. I had to figure out how to be “okay” working in the same place I sleep/eat/call home, talking to our dogs more than people & where my thoughts are the only noise around me. It’s still terrifying to think how I don’t have a 7am-3pm steady job, with a steady monthly paycheck & a steady schedule. Yet Jesus has been the steadiness of my days. He hasn’t changed & remains the exact same as the mornings I would cry driving to work knowing I couldn't carry on doing this long-term. The same as the day I painfully said I would have to resign. The same as the day I felt like I let down & disappointed so many.  The same as the day I was officially “self-employed” (what does that even mean?!). The same as the day I realized I had enough income. The same as the day(s) I felt I wasn’t enough. And is still the same to this very moment I type these words with all the joy & peace in my heart about my decision. He has never stopped assuring me of His love  & that He is for me. 

It has been a year of trusting God will provide for all my financial needs by bringing people into my life that want me to capture a piece of their story. He has shown me that He provides enough & more. 

I am forever sincerely thankful for the people in these photos that said they would trust me to capture their undeniable beauty, their love & what makes them "them". I hope you all can imagine me giving you the biggest hug right now. You all have given me SUCH joy & a sense of living free & wild to create that my soul was starving for. 

This year has been the start of a small beginning for me & this little photography business I declare as His. My style has changed slowly through this year & I can peacefully say that it’s been Him molding me into whatever He had in mind for “Caitlin” to be. I pray I stay consistently humbled by the fact that any good, any talent, any beauty I produce was never mine. I pray that I would never see “success” in the way the world does. I pray I will forever be a light that shines for Him & not myself with whatever “art” I create.